APM 2.5 flight controller

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Main matter

This is the place with all the info! Thanks to all people in this thread for helping out, and special thanks to Joe (jabram) for all the effort he's put into providing useful information in an understadable manner.

I'm just copying/consolidating what I learnt there.

Other tips

Setting throws:

  • Propeller and/or motor off.
  • Disconnect your servos from the APM or just leave ESC disconnected and power the APM through USB
  • Set your radio to 100% throw, and set all trims to zero.
  • Calibrate radio in Mission Planner.
  • Re-connect the servos.
  • Adjust servo throw in your radio until they don't bind.
  • Calibrate radio in MP again.
  • Test how much the APM moves the servos by setting flight mode to FBWA and then move the APM to 90 degree roll, pitch and yaw.

This will make it send max throws to attempt to return to level flight. (Thanks to JNJO for posting this.)