Building David's Tricopter 2.6HV

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Generic info about the Tricopter: flitetest version, 1 and 2


The DT750 bearings are not very good. It is recommended to change or lube them when they start causing problems or before. See here. 5W30 is also OK and probably others. Wipe them before installing to prevent an oily mess. Also, when tightening the grub screw, make sure you don't over do it (causing friction to the moving shaft) and that the motor's shaft is not rubbing against the tri leg below.


If using KK2, only connect one ESC's ground and power to the board. It's better to use a UBEC to power the board and another to power the servo, and disconnect all power and ground wires from the ESCs' BECs. Grounds are connected through the battery and you don't want to make a ground loop.

Tuning etc

So, the KK2 thread has been a great resource, but some additional tips need to be noted:

for SL (Self Levelling) mode roll and pitch you use the ACC trims in the KK2. For everything else (including yaw in SL mode) you can just use transmitter trims.
  • You must trim and tune in the correct order:
  1. center zero everything in the receiver test menu
  2. adjust transmitter rates to get 100 with full stick in receiver test menu
  3. sensor calibration and ESC calibration
  4. SL off, trim transmitter trims for level flight
  5. SL off, tune gains for best performance
  6. SL on, tune KK2 SL menu ACC trims for level flight (do not touch transmitter trims to adjust SL leveling)

Keep in mind, in SL ACC: Roll positive means right correction Pitch positive means back correction