HobbyKing Bixler 2

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This will be populated with the build todo list/log from here, as well as generic tips for building/modding/flying the B2, found in the relevant RCGroups thread.

Bix2 upper.JPGBix2 lower.JPG

Hardware mods

  • Securing the wings
  • Reinforcing the wings: Traditionally, the suggested tip is to insert a 4mm hollow tube or solid rod in the stock CF tube that passes through the wings, and glue it with CA. While this works well, a new technique, invovling CF strips has been suggested by Duncan "rtfmaero". See here and here (alternate version). This technique probably results in a lighter and more rigid wing. More info on why here.

Electronics installation

Min/Max speeds

"The only time I've had overspeed issues was when I put it into a power dive that I held a little too long. The wings started flapping violently, at which point I cut throttle and VERY gingerly applied elevator to pull out. I get the feeling it's draggy as hell when the wings start to flap, because it went back to normal flight a second or so after I cut throttle.

The only time I snapped a wing spar was on a really crummy landing. I've flexed the bejeebers out of the wing in flight without snapping one, though. It's a tough little plane.

There are all kinds of ways to bring this plane down in a hurry. One day I played around with putting it into (and getting it out of!) flat spins. This brings the plane down fast with almost no lateral movement across the ground, and at no point did I get wing flapping because of overspeed. It was downright docile, though you do want some room on the bottom end to recover."