Hubsan X4 H107L micro quad

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Probably one of the best micro quads: The Hubsan X4 H107L Rcgroups discussion.

Updated post on where to buy stuff from.


Chris's recommended buying list (for someone that has no RC gear):

Battery tests

A test of various batteries was conducted on 1-Feb-2015. All batteries were at storage voltage, and the hubsan X4 was used at full throttle, to test the bats in a consistent matter. The registered value is the voltage measured after 10 seconds of full throttle. All batteries have always been kept at storage voltage, flying was stopped when the lights started flashing, and they were recharged soon after (but after they had cooled down). Batteries haven't stayed fully charged for more than a couple of hours. They were usually charged with a USB 4-port charger, which could be contributing to their decline.


Battery Capacity (nominal) Capacity (measured @ 2A) Voltage under load
#0 240 mAh 267 mAh 3.42
#1 240 mAh 314 mAh 3.35
#2 240 mAh 249 mAh <3.3
#3 240 mAh 216 mAh <3.3
#4 240 mAh 230 mAh 3.43
#5 240 mAh 238 mAh 3.43
#6 380 mAh 330 mAh 3.45
#7 380 mAh 329 mAh 3.49
#8 250 mAh 255 mAh 3.49
#9 250 mAh 254 mAh 3.48


  • "#0" is the stock battery that came with the hubsan. Has been used a few times.
  • #1-5 are UDI 240mAh batteries that have been used moderately for 4 months. Some of them (#1, 2 and 3) have been used much more than the others. #5 is almost unused.
  • #6 (380mAh) had been used a few times. #7 had never been used.
  • #8 and #9 (Turnigy Nano-Tech 250mAh 35-70C) had only been used twice each.
  • A video showing the process can be found here


Even when used with caution and care, batteries deteriorate quickly. High-C batteries seem to perform better, but tests should be repeated after a few months.

Please note that these tests do not cover flight times. See jesolins' tests if you're interested in those.