Wiring in FPV aircrafts

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You should use a shielded cable for video etc signals... Read this for more info on why. Cat6 S/FTP or good USB3 cable is recommended.

How to make connections

You don't need to solder to the outside shield, that is what the drain wire is for.

This is the correct way to solder terminate CAT 5 or 6 STP.

First remove enough of the jacket to work the conductors.

Cat6 1.jpg

Then while holding the conductors slide the jacket a little further back exposing more of the shield, while holding the jacket back trim the shield back to the jacket being very careful to not nick the drain lead and remove the outer liner if one is present and in CAT 6 remove the inner buffer.

Cat6 2.jpg

Then allow the jacket to slide back in place.

Cat6 3.jpg

Place a heat shrink tube in the drain wire long enough to insulate the drain to where it will be connected, shrink that tube and then place another heat shrink tube to mate the jacket with the conductors, this is important as it prevents flexing the drain near the jacket forming a weak point that will fail under vibration.

Cat6 4.jpg Cat6 5.jpg

Then since we have decided white will be ground, carefully un-twist enough of each white conductor so they can be stripped at the proper location to be connected.

Cat6 6.jpg

And now twist all of the bare conductors into a single conductor, in this case since we are only going to run power and video, the green and brown conductors will be added to the whites and grounded. This grounding of the un-used conductors can aid in lowering any power influence/EMI which might make it through the shield

Cat6 7.jpg

Finally add one sleeve of heat shrink to take the strain out of the transistion from a stranded to a solid conductor and to as much as possible prevent the solid conductor of the drain from flexing and failing.

Now you are done, well with one end, but what about the other end?

How one terminates the shield at the far end determines if it will work well, or real well.


src by Channel 1 at fpvlab.com