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Specific aircraft builds:

Flight Controllers and RC control:



What's this wiki?

This is just an attempt to collect valuable information found in a few forum threads. Forums are great for discussing and sharing techniques and experience, but once a thread gets hot (read: multi-page) it's difficult for a new (or not) reader to extract only the essentials and leave out personal comments and fun stuff. Information tends to be repeated and noobs are advised to read the whole thread, which is usually impossible.

So this wiki hopefully contains only useful, concentrated and well organized information.

Everyone is more than welcome to edit/add to the contents! Please see next section on how to join.

Chris (cmavr8)

How can I contribute?

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to read and edit the content, as well as create new! In order to protect the wiki from spammer bots, you need to do the following to start editing:

  • Send an email at rcwiki at velvetnut dot com, requesting an account. You will receive one as soon as possible.

This process is a bit tiresome, but needed to avoid massive spamming. We want this wiki to be clean and tidy!